Some may ask why I would write my first blog post on something so hard to talk about. The truth is, it is not talked about as much as it should be. Society does not truly understand the full impact a rumor can take on someone’s life until it happens. I have asked myself many times, why do people create rumors? Is it because they are so self-conscious, and the only way to bring themselves up is to put others down. I may never get the complete answer to that question, but I am afraid to know the answer. I have watched a very close loved one go through the result of a rumor. There is only so much a person can do to try and convince others of the truth, but society nowadays hears a lousy thing and runs, never willing to listen to the fact. No matter how crazy the rumor can be, no one takes the time to realize that it does not make sense. Are people so motivated to see others get hurt? It is scarring to see someone with such a big circle of support lose everyone in time.
All I wanted to do was protect this person from the pure hatred of others and open society’s eyes to the truth. The worst part is that the person who started the rumor can be proved wrong, but does society change how they act towards the person? Of course not! Please take a second and picture the friends you have had for years, turning their backs while never letting you tell the truth. Sadly, the culprit of the rumor has it the worse, their mental health deteriorating with every judgmental look and apparent whisper they see. Society needs to realize we can not keep treating people like they do not have feelings or will not be affected. I do not know about you, but I have had rumors spread about me because people like putting others down and feeling power over others’ sadness. This post is not supposed to be scary but eye-opening to the actions humans are responsible for.

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